Once upon a time…

Once upon a not so very long ago, a beautiful garden was born. As it grew, it became so lovely that people called it a fairy tale garden. But they never guessed that it really was magical! They never knew of the secret hidden within.

Sometimes, when the wind tickles the blossom, people with hope in their hearts have sensed that childhood friends are near. Sometimes, when the gale forces the flowers to duck low, nervous souls have worried about dragons. They are very foolish of course, as we all know that dragons only appear on Tuesdays.

Alas, sadly the Wicked Queen is a much more regular visitor and it was on one of those ticklish windy days that she first spotted Beauty in the garden. A jealous and bitter Queen, her heart was blackened and she hated Beauty. She did not understand her kindness or her happy spirit, and how dare she be the fairest in all of the land?

So, the Wicked Queen has made a dreadful decision. She is going to poison Beauty. Only you can stop her. Only you can save Beauty.

To help you, we will share the garden’s secret but you mustn’t tell a soul: this is the Garden of Fairy Tales and if you look very carefully, explore far and wide, and believe in magic, you will find many of your favourite fairy tale characters.

You’ll need them all to help you stop the Wicked Queen and to save Beauty. But of course, no great adventure is ever as easy as that. You will have to face challenges, solve puzzles and use magic before discovering the Wicked Queen’s poison.

And don’t forget, to make sure that you won’t frighten our shy secret residents, you too will need to dress up as a fairy tale character. There will be surprises on the way and perhaps even some frights but we know that can beat them. The bravest of you may even have a lot of fun.

Only you can save Beauty. She’s counting on you!

Dates and Times

The Fairy Tale Attic is open on selected dates throughout the year, visit the What’s On page to check dates.

As a part of this fairy tale adventure, visitors are provided with the opportunity to take a little magic home with them. Our spritely Budding Artists can be found in the Crafty Cottage, where they will help you to create enchanting fairy tale keepsakes.

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Taking Part

This activity is free with regular entry to The Alnwick Garden. Instructions for completing the adventure are provided at admissions and the Fairy Tale Attic.

Fairy tale costumes are available for children participating in the adventure to dress up in but visitors are welcome to come in their own costume and we’d love to see them! If you get stuck, just ask one of our resident fairy tale characters who will be happy to help.

Find this in the Garden

Collect your trail card and costume from the Fairy Tale Attic above the Rose Garden.

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