Once upon a time…

Long ago The Alnwick Garden harboured magic within its soil. The magic made the flowers and plants grow. They would blossom and bloom with magnificent displays. The magic continued to spread within The Garden and news of its beauty spread to the Fairy Tale Realm. All of the fairy tale people wanted to visit to spread happiness and magic within it, but they needed as much help as possible to spread the happiness everywhere they could to keep The Garden looking so beautiful.


Dates and Times

The Fairy Tale Attic is open on selected dates throughout the year, visit the What’s On page to check dates.

As a part of this fairy tale adventure, visitors are provided with the opportunity to take a little magic home with them. Our spritely Budding Artists can be found in the Crafty Cottage, where they will help you to create enchanting fairy tale keepsakes.

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Meet the Characters

  • The Wicked Queen

    Ever since The Wicked Queen entered this magical place, she has been drawn to The Poison Garden. Little did she know where she had entered and ended up with a haze of dark magic within her veins. She’s constantly trying to look for ways to be good again… or is she?

  • King Orchid of the Fairies

    King Orchid is a kind soul. He enjoys caring for the plants and animals of The Garden and sharing its secrets with hundreds of children. King Orchid has been keeping a watchful eye on The Garden and has done so for thousands of years.

  • Princess Beauty

    Her looks are beyond compare and this earned her the name of Princess Beauty. She doesn’t have any magical powers but still has a wonderful inner beauty which makes her a person who everyone likes and wants to be around.

  • The Huntsman

    The Huntsman has lived and worked in the woods all his life. He has always been passionate about the trees and plants that grow and live there. He’s an expert hunter, and has always been an exceptional woodcutter and tree feller. He is a friendly old soul, but has known to be a bit grumpy now and then!

  • Captain Flapjack

    He is cheeky, bold and forgetful and has been known too lose his way. He has been known, from time to time, to drink too much rum and on one such occasion found himself in The Garden totally by accident, even his trusty map doesn’t help. He’s decided to make the best of it and have an adventure whilst he is here and have some fun and laughs along the way too.

  • Peasant Girl Thorn

    She was brought up on a farm in the hills by a lovely peasant couple who had no children of their own. She was treated well and helped out on the farm. She would milk the cows, feed the sheep and the hens and she loved to walk around the hill side where she would sing and dance and get lost in her imagination.

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    She is looking to get to Grandma’s House whilst at the same time trying to keep an eye out for The Big Bad Wolf who is feeling rather hungry. He is always trying to steal her basket of goodies, and then maybe eat her for the main course!

  • Fairy God Mother

    The Fairy Godmother spreads magic and wonder and is the person who can make dreams come true. All of the fairy tale people love her. She truly understands the power of the magical words hidden in The Garden.

  • Wandering Minstrel

    He plays his guitar in harmony with The Garden and this makes the plants, flowers and trees grow with a tune in their roots. They grow happy and vibrant just like his music.

  • Big Bad Wolf

    He’s a big bad guy and thinks he’s a master of disguise. He is a little bit hangry (he is always hungry and it’s making him angry). He’s also a bit of a grump and can huff and puff at times, but that could just be a fur ball!

  • Skittles

    Skittles the fairy is the daughter of the fairy godmother Flora and she is in training to take over the job! There is only one problem, she cant quite get the hang of it and gets muddled up.

Taking Part

This activity is free with regular entry to The Alnwick Garden. Instructions for completing the adventure are provided at admissions and the entrance gate.

Fairy tale costumes are available for children participating in the adventure to dress up in but visitors are welcome to come in their own costume and we’d love to see them! If you get stuck, just ask one of our resident fairy tale characters who will be happy to help.

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