• July

    Agapanthus Rosewarne DS5_5685


    Nile or African lily

    Herbaceous perennial with strap like foliage from which a flower stem supporting a globe of star shaped blue or white flowers emerges. Very architectural [40cm x 5cm]. Enjoys fertile well drained soil in full sun.

    Can be found as a replacement for the Delphiniums once they have been cut back in the Ornamental Garden.

    Penstemon augustifolius  Ellenbank Cardinal DS3_4639



    Semi evergreen plants producing flower spikes with trumpet shaped flowers that flower all summer in a range of colours from reds, lilac, deep purple and white. [60cm x 45cm]. Not long lived and can suffer in hard winters so cuttings should be taken in the summer to ensure these plants are not lost.

    Found growing in the Ornamental Garden on the right hand side.

  • August

    Eryngium DS8_5664

    Eryngium alpinum

    sea holly

    An ornamental herbaceous thistle producing steel blue thistle heads over blue/green foliage. Self-seeds freely. A very dramatic plant loved by flower arrangers. [1.5m x 1m].

    Found in the Pavilion Border.


    Ceanothus ‘Concha’

    Californian lilac

    Evergreen wall shrub producing small dark blue flowers in abundance. Needs the protection of a south facing wall. [3m x 3m].

    Found on the south facing wall of the Ornamental Garden.

    Hydrangea DSC_9801

    Hydrangea paniculata

    Hydrangea paniculata

    A deciduous hydrangea with cream flowers in the shape of a cone. Very hardy and flowers for a long period. Requires good fertile soil in dappled shade or sun. [3m x 2m].

    Found growing throughout the Ornamental Garden.

  • September

    Echinacea DSN_1577

    Echinacea purpurea

    Echinacea purpurea

    Herbaceous daisy with large purple flowers loved by butterflies. [1m x 1m].

    Found in the Pavilion Border.

    Colchicum & Sedum_DS70301

    Sedum spectabile

    ice plant

    Herbaceous perennial which looks very succulent with fleshy green leaves and many star shaped powder pink flowers in flat heads adored by butterflies. [50cm x 50cm].

    Found in the Ornamental Garden.

    Cimicifuga Brunette DSC_9780

    Actaea simplex ‘Brunette’


    Herbaceous perennial [1.1m x 60cm] of dark, almost black, foliage with spikes of fluffy white highly scented small flowers in abundance.

    Found growing in the north facing border of the Ornamental Garden.

  • October

    Mespilus (Medlar tree) DSC_0497

    Mespilus germanica


    Large pale pink blossom in spring followed by golden autumn leaf colour and strange looking fruits. Ideal small garden tree [3m x 2m].

    Found in the Ornamental Garden.

  • November

    Viburnum x bodnantense DSC_4494

    Viburnum x bodnantense ‘Dawn’

    winter flowering viburnum

    Deciduous shrub [3m x 2m] producing pink scented tiny bunches of flowers that open to white.

    Found in the south facing border of the Ornamental Garden.

    _DS73088a  Arbutus unendo

    Arbutus unedo

    strawberry tree

    Compact slow growing evergreen shrub [8m x 8m]. Bursts into flower with small pink shaped bells hanging in clusters which take twelve months to produce the fruits which are like lychees rather than strawberries.

    Found in the south border of the Ornamental Garden.

  • December

    Helleborus nigerDS3_2683

    Helleborus niger

    Christmas rose

    Evergreen clumps of dark green foliage show off the purest of white flat faced large flowers [30cm x 30cm]. Require well drained soil with plenty of organic matter in dappled shade.

    Found in the woodland at the top of the Cherry Orchard.

  • January

    Viburnum tinus DSC_6571

    Viburnum tinus

    Viburnum tinus

    An evergreen shrub studded with fat pink flower buds that open in mid-winter to provide white/pink flat headed flowers above dark green foliage. [2.5m x 2.5m].

    Found on the south facing border of the Ornamental Garden.

    Mahonia x media charity_DSF1661

    Mahonia x media


    An architectural evergreen with leaves like a large holly but producing yellow shuttlecock flowers at the growing tips. Flowers are very fragrant with a scent of lily of the valley. Grows to become a large shrub [3m x 3m].

    Found in the north facing border of the Ornamental Garden and outside the Gardener’s Cottage.

    Hamamelis x intermidia westerstede_DSF2237

    Hamamelis x intermedia

    Witch hazel

    A Witch hazel which produces spidery orange, red or yellow flowers carried on leafless branches. The flowers though small produce a heady citrus scent. Quite slow growing but eventually will attain [3m x 3m].

    Found in the Ornamental Garden in the north facing border.


    Betula utilis var. jacquemontii

    Himalayan birch

    A birch with an exceptionally white luminous stem. Looks good when planted in groups or as a multi stem. [10m x 5m].

    Found around the pond and as a mature specimen outside the Gardeners Cottage.

  • February

    Galanthus SnowdropsDS3_2678

    Galanthus nivalis

    common snowdrop

    The first spring bulb to open with its white nodding flower head. Ideal for naturalising in light shade. Growing to 10cm in height.

    Found carpeting the lawns around the pond.

  • March

    OG Narcissus Alnwick GardenDSCN0731

    Narcissus ‘Tête-à-tête’


    Narcissus ‘Tête-à-tête’ are ideal to naturalise in lawns and borders. They are short stemmed and flower for a good four weeks. Will grow in any conditions.

    Can be found above the Grand Cascade on the view point and in the Cherry Orchard

    Camellia Water Lily DS3_4455

    Camellia 'Water Lily'

    Camellia 'Water Lily'

    Evergreen shrub [2m x 2m] with glossy leaves producing waxy red, white, and pink flowers. Ideally suited to a west facing shady border where the flowers do not get the early sun which can lead to scorching.

    Found in the north, and west facing borders of the Ornamental Garden.

  • April

    Pulmonaria  angustifolia Munstead Blue DS3_5463



    Ideal spring flowering ground cover with leaves that are marked with silver flashes. The blue, pink and white flowers are the first of the herbaceous plants to flower. This plant will grow in any conditions apart from full sun where it will wilt. [30cm x 30cm].

    Found in the Ornamental Garden.

    Pieris Japonica DS3_4276

    Pieris japonica

    Pieris japonica

    Fantastic red coloured young foliage erupts from this plant in the spring followed by white lily of the valley type flowers. A great foliage plant [2.5m x 2m] requiring fertile acidic soil in partial shade to do well. Can be nipped by the frost which turns the new foliage brown.

    Found in the north facing border of the Ornamental Garden.

    Red Sentinel

    Malus x robusta ‘Red Sentinel’

    crab apple’

    A fantastic plant for blossom followed by bright red fruits in the autumn. The trees [5m x 3m] are grown as ‘pleached’ specimens creating a hedge that floats above clean stems. This type of feature was popular in the 18th century using more traditional species such as lime and beech.

    Grown as ‘pleached’ specimens in the Ornamental Garden.

    Tai Haku _DS66183

    Prunus ‘Tai-haku’

    great white cherry

    Pure large white single flowers grace this medium sized ornamental cherry [8m x 10m] as the young bronze foliage appears eventually turning green before bright red in the autumn.

    Growing in the Cherry Orchard.

  • May

    Wisteria DS4_3237TM

    Wisteria sinensis

    Chinese wisteria

    A classic early summer flowering climber known for its long trailing lilac blue pea-like flowers. A very vigorous growth habit reaching up to 10m. Ideal to grow through a tree or over a pergola.

    Can be found on the pergola in the Ornamental Garden.

  • June

    Alstroemeria DS3_5739


    Peruvian lily

    Herbaceous perennial growing to 1m high, spreading quickly. Produces very exotic flowers in a range of colours. Ideal as a cut flower as it will last for weeks. Continues to flower well into the autumn. Ideally grown in fertile well-drained soil in full sun.

    Found growing to the right of the Ornamental Garden.

    Alnwick Rose

    Rosa ‘The Alnwick Rose’

    English Shrub rose

    Rich pink cupped shaped buds open to deeply cupped flowers smelling of fresh raspberries. [1.5m x 1m].

    Found at every junction of the Rose Garden.




    Herbaceous perennial producing tall spikes of blue, white, pink or mauve flowers. Up to 2m high.

    Found growing in the Ornamental Garden opposite the entrance.

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